boot camp


I’ve been thinking for quite some time that this place is due in for an update. Once I started thinking this thought, it dawned on me that I’m in quite a conundrum with this blog: whenever I have lots of exciting library school news, I’m too busy getting all of my work done to update. So here’s the relatively quick version:

I’m currently about halfway through my summer residency in Syracuse. Actually, I’m more than halfway; four credits down, three to go. If the first two classes have served as any indication, I can honestly say that I am going to love the graduate school experience. I’m a little nervous about the actual online classes, but we’ve done a lot of great things so far. Once I don’t have the burden of rapidly approaching due dates to keep that knot in my stomach tight enough to make diamonds, I’ll be sure to post the numerous highlights.

Unfortunately, I’ve been forced to bid fond adieu to quite a few new friends. Those who aren’t in the school media program are enjoying their king-sized beds, homemade meals, and showers that don’t require footwear, while I’m forced to endure residence hall life for the next week with a few fellow renegade souls. I was quite sad to see a lot of people go; I’ve loved the companionship of my soon-to-be colleagues immensely. My only solace in their departure is knowing that we’ll meet up again soon on the discussion boards. I’ve learned a lot from them, and relished every day that we endured endless lectures, group project meetings, and overpriced mediocre dining.

Since the work begins anew tomorrow, it’s time for me to put on my Arrested Development DVDs and get nestled in my incredibly narrow bed. Rest assured, though, I’ll give you a few more thorough chronicles of my residency goings-on in the weeks to follow.


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