it’s tasty!


I’ve been hearing about it for months. I’ve seen the little icon popping up all over the Internet. I’ve read articles, heard whispers, and once even visited the site of the new hot thing.

This week, though, I really learned the value of, for those of you who are slightly behind me in the Web 2.0 game, is a social bookmarking website. For Firefox users, there’s a handy application for the browser that lets you mark any website you like the looks of by simply clicking the little “tag” button right next to the URL.

The one-click bookmarking is why I’m currently obsessed with This week’s venture into librarianship is a class on youth collection development, and the instructor’s usual hat is that of an elementary school librarian. Since she’s not used to lecturing, my penchant for note-taking is left completely unsatisfied. However, she does make countless references to helpful websites, resources, and books. During the morning, I opened up my laptop and registered with In just a few minutes, I was cataloging the vast pool of materials as fast as she could hurl them at us. On my break, I even uploaded my existing bookmarks. Since I’m planning on upgrading the computer, I’m really excited that I won’t have to transfer all of my Internet hot spots manually.

So what makes a social bookmarking site? I’m just beginning to explore this aspect, but you have the ability to tag your bookmarked sites by category and interest. For example, those Minnetonka Moccasin boots I’ve been eyeing would fall under the “shoes” and “shopping” categories (in my system, anyway). This makes it easy for me to keep my bookmarks organized, but it also creates a database of bookmarks for anyone to search. I can type in “technology” and instantly see loads of technological sites that users from across have found helpful. I will say, though, that I’d be more apt to peruse popular recipes than use it for credible information resources.

I realize that I’m behind the times, or at least on the cusp of the times, with this post, but I’m still honing my technical writing/reviewing chops. If for nothing else, you can use to catalog your guitar tablature under both “tabs” and by each individual artist. Pretty tasty, I know!


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