sounding off on the election the most that i will (probably) ever do.


Alright, alright, you caught me. I was taking a break from my mostly incessant studying to browse my favorite gossip site, which had posted a star-studded PSA to encourage voter registration (Warning: though this website is quite entertaining, it’s also quite inappropriate for the workplace. Or the presence of your parents. Or homeroom. Or any other schoolroom.). When they displayed the URL to register across the bottom of the screen, I was surprised to find that it was under the umbrella of Google Maps. Google Maps! Google Maps is going to register me to vote?!

So I clicked this link.

Just seconds later, before my disbelieving eyes, loaded the page of my election-season dreams:

You can click on the picture to make it bigger. And no, that’s not my real address. Library school is teaching me all about privacy, thank you. That’s the locale of my favorite restaurant ever, Magnolia’s. Try the tomato and artichoke soup. Have you ever had a little bowl full of Heaven? I have, and that is it, my friends.

This website is a fantastic resource for those who are not registered to vote. I remember, just four short years ago, when a few of my friends in the dorms were incredulous to the importance of voting. Participating in my first presidential selection soiree was an immense source of excitement for me, and I hoped to pass it on to others. I tried to relate what could happen if the voices of our demographic went so largely unheard. I told horror stories and described disturbing hypothetical situations that fell on disregarding ears.

I’m pretty sure that most of them have learned from their mistakes in that election (with absolutely no political statement to be read here). However, this year marks the first presidential election for a number of young Americans, who may not have grasped the magnitude of the mistakes of four years ago. This is why I love that Google Maps is providing such a comprehensive resource for new voters: it makes the registration process more fun. It made me want to register again. Sure, you still have to do all the same things to register, but it’s a great interface to show you how long you have until your state’s deadline, where your polling place is (a feature that’s coming soon), how to go about registering, and all sorts of other handy information. The best part is that all this information is specifically catered to me. Or you, or Magnolia’s.

So spread the word, spread the link, register as soon as possible…. and VOTE!


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