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While the Library and Information Science program ensnares a big part of my day-to-day living, there’s also something else in there to ensure that I have absolutely no free time and that I sleep through coffee dates with my friends (as was the case last night… sorry, former good friend).  This other indomitable force is, […]

Today’s update is going to be a little unusual to my three or four faithful readers:  rather than waxing philosophical on school projects, I’m going to wax philosophical for a school project.  This week’s learning concept is blogging, so we’ve been assigned the task of creating a blog.  Which means that, for once in my […]



Although this now seems like an eternity ago, the first assignment for my instructional technology class was a cool exercise that I feel like sharing… a month later.  For the task, we used a tool called VoiceThread to create little autobiographies.  I didn’t get a chance to explore the entire breadth of its capabilities, but […]

My graduate education (or, as I prefer to call it, rad school) has exposed me to an entirely unique set of learning experiences that incorporate new media and communication styles.  It has rejuvenated my thought processes and demonstrated the various instructional benefits that technology affords.  Despite this, I can’t help but feel strong twinges of longing […]