Although this now seems like an eternity ago, the first assignment for my instructional technology class was a cool exercise that I feel like sharing… a month later.  For the task, we used a tool called VoiceThread to create little autobiographies.  I didn’t get a chance to explore the entire breadth of its capabilities, but the end result is a slideshow with photographs, videos, or documents.  The interface makes it a breeze to add audio commentary, as well as text and simple drawings.  While it might not be a perfect fit for professional use, it’s a great instrument for students to create projects and presentations.  

There are two particularly awesome features of VoiceThread:

  1. Visitors to your presentation have the option to add text or audio comments, as long as they’re registered to the site.  The comments are displayed at the end of each slide.  
  2. Drawing on the slides fulfills a subconscious dream that I never realized I had: I’ve always wanted to act like Mike Robitaille or Terry Bradshaw (the only two sports commentators I know enough to name immediately) and write the play-by-play of my narration on the image at hand.  I was too ashamed to admit it on the class discussion board, bu this feature was my absolute favorite part of the assignment.  

Using VoiceThread was a welcome activity for a homework assignment (you know, rather than writing a research paper), but it has a few drawbacks.  The most prominent of these is that it’s not a free service.  The company offers various packages for K-12, higher education, business, and professional use.  The packages aren’t too pricy, but can easily become difficult for a school system on a limited budget (read: most school systems) and professionals who are feeling the economic turbulence.  

Since my computer savvy apparently does not include the simple ability to embed, here’s the link to my example:
611 Voicethread


2 Responses to “voicethreading.”

  1. 1 Pam

    I think you might want to check again, Voicethread has a free section. I use it all the time and I don’t pay a dime, as do many other educators.

    Didn’t you create you Voicethread for free?

    • 2 karenthelibrarian

      Thanks for letting me know! I assumed that the program paid for the subscription.

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