a very special occasion.


Today marks a very important milestone in my life.  It was on this exact day, five years ago, that I started my first blog.

Just a few months before MySpace entered my existence, and quite a while before this crazy thing called Facebook, I was on LiveJournal, sharing my thoughts with whoever wanted to read them.  Back then, I was grappling with my freshman year of college as well as all the other dramatic elements of the tempestuous life of a nineteen-year-old.  And believe me, tempestuous it was.

I was browsing through my old entries with the thought of creating a greatest hits of sorts, for everyone to read before my roast gala this evening (which will consist of me mopping the floors and cleaning the bathrooms at work… black tie optional).  It didn’t take me long to discover what a deplorable writer I was back then, compared to my Pulitzer-worthy prose these days.

Take, for example, my very first blog post ever:

Hey y’all…..let’s see how long this lasts. Probably not very long. Right now, I should either be reading or figuring out my ride home for spring break, neither of which appear to be happening. Oh well, that’s what life’s like sometimes. Other than that, not too much, just trying to find a ride to Wegman’s. Sounds like I need a car. Alright, I’m out for now, I’ll keep you posted. Peace.

This wasn’t too long before I learned about comma splices.  Please blame the recklessness of my youth.

Even though I had no clue what I was getting myself into five years ago, writing in a blog helped me immensely in the months following its inception.  Aside from the outlet it provided me, I can really see now just how much my writing style grew as I worked out everything I was going through for anyone to read.

As the years passed, I used my blog intermittently.  I started to steer clear of the “dear diary” posts, and began incorporating other things, which resulted in entries that brimmed with culture, creativity, and intrigue.  I would write narratives, post photographs and videos, share my creative writing, demonstrate my modest adeptness with Photoshop/MS Paint, and, of course, procrastinate.

It’s strange to think that I’ve been blogging for five years.  Taking a look back on the hundreds of entries I’ve posted to the interwebs, all that talk of blogs being a good thing has really had a chance to sink in.  I’ve gotten a good creative outlet, a more productive tool for procrastinating, and an audience to keep me working to impress.  So blog on, friends… we’ve got a good thing going on here.


One Response to “a very special occasion.”

  1. 1 Rebecca B

    The fun thing about blogging, even if you think it seems like inane blogging at the time, is that you are capturing a moment and a little piece of what your life is like. Who knows in the future what facets of our everyday life will be so obsolete that they will become sources of fascination! For example, if you read the Little House on the Prairie books, much of the stories are about everyday chores, which at the time probably weren’t fascinating reading but now that we no longer make head cheese, it is much more interesting! Blog on, girl, you’re doing a good thing.

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