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One of my classes the semester is called Literacy Through School Libraries, which entails pretty much what the title suggests.  For a recent group project, we were asked to devise a thematic family literacy event and submit a proposal that explains the specifics.  The following is a summary of our group’s proposal. Cinder Stories Introduction […]

Last night, I was picking on my cousin Mike over Twitter.  I was picking on him because he was micro-musing about the outcome of The Bachelor, or some such reality dating show.  In response, this is what he said: Luckily, Mike lives about 750 miles away, because he should know better than to: threaten me. […]

hello, summer!


In the dredges of winter, when I was shoveling away the snowbank that the street plow left at the end of my driveway, I thought of summer.  A cute dress, bare feet, a cold drink with condensation dripping down the outside of the glass.  There may or may not have been a hammock, but there […]