hello, summer!


In the dredges of winter, when I was shoveling away the snowbank that the street plow left at the end of my driveway, I thought of summer.  A cute dress, bare feet, a cold drink with condensation dripping down the outside of the glass.  There may or may not have been a hammock, but there was definitely plenty of sunshine and absolutely no worries or responsibilities.

Now that summer is actually here, I think about that vision and realize how silly it was.  My schedule has been absolutely jam-packed as of late.  Luckily, all of these goings-on mean that my life keeps getting better and better, which equals infinite rad.

One week ago today, I moved.  There were some terrifying moments.


The new place is much better.  I even have my very own living room!  The bunny seems to be taking to it quite nicely.

My mom came up for a few days to help out, and it was great to have her.  My organizational neuroses almost escalated to dangerous levels on a couple of occasions.  I am incredibly grateful that she was there to help keep my insanity at bay.

A few days after my mom left, my little sister visited from Cleveland.  I’m not too used to having house guests, especially just days after moving, but she came for a very cool event.  One of our favorite bands, Our Lady Peace, was playing a summer festival in nearby Lockport.

I’ve seen OLP in concert several times before.  For me, they’re the one band that will always be laden with nostalgia and memories of my formative years.  Besides, they always put on a great show.  I hope everyone has at least one band like that.

Joaquin Phoenix was there!

Well, it wasn’t really him, but it looked a lot like him.  I made the definitive conclusion when I discovered that he was a roadie for the local opener.  That’s okay, though, because I was really there for this:

On top of these personal shenanigans, I’m also cranking out Frappuccinos like nobody’s business, and really digging my summer classes.  One class is all about literacy through school libraries, and the other is on telecommunications and information policy.  Both of the classes have interesting projects and relevant content, which is really distracting me from the fact that a big chunk of my summer is being spent in front of the computer.  And, hey… it’s a lot better than shoveling snow.


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