are you threatening me?


Last night, I was picking on my cousin Mike over Twitter.  I was picking on him because he was micro-musing about the outcome of The Bachelor, or some such reality dating show.  In response, this is what he said:

Picture 3

Luckily, Mike lives about 750 miles away, because he should know better than to:

  1. threaten me.
  2. threaten me on Twitter.
  3. assume that librarians spend all their time monitoring lost or missing items.
  4. steal from the library.
  5. think I won’t kick his butt the next time I see him.

The moral of this story: donate to your local public library to offset the cost of that book you kept to spite the librarian who forgot about it the following day… even if he or she is a member of your family.


One Response to “are you threatening me?”

  1. 1 Catherine

    I went back to my h.s. library and returned books that were around 25 years overdue.

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