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A few months into my library school voyage, I started to foster a longing for more personal connections than what my life was affording.  The formality of the discussion boards was too impersonal, and Facebook was just making me miss my friends and family that much more.  No matter how many two-minute conversations with customers […]

The coolest thing happened to me during my weekend residency at Syracuse.  I was in my seat, waiting for one of our breaks to end, definitely not checking Facebook, when one of my classmates walked up to me.  She asked me a question that will remain forever in my memory: Are you karen the librarian? […]

Today I’m heading off to Syracuse for a weekend residency for one of my classes.  The class, Integrating Motivation in Information Literacy, seems to have the most education-oriented curriculum of the program to date.  That is, it looks like I’ll be writing a lot of lesson plans this semester.  This area is not my forte, […]

I’ll admit it:  there have been sparse, fleeting occasions on which the daily grind of jerking lattes has gotten the best of me.  In the twenty-seven months that I’ve been at this job, I can recall one or two days that found me struggling to put my apron on.  I can even recollect one instance […]