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My big project for elementary fieldwork seemed simple enough: my fabulous host librarian asked me to come up with a way for students to navigate the stacks more easily.  The existing system was alright, but it really didn’t do much to help elementary students identify different sections of classification without some serious work and/or eyestrain. […]

I was completely terrified by the thought of my fieldwork in an elementary school library.  Still am, in fact.  I have absolute respect and admiration for those brave souls who can wrangle twenty youngsters and still manage to teach them something. Luckily, I’ve been able to ease into my elementary experience at a rate that’s […]



I have a pet bunny, whose name is Bianca.  She likes to hang out, investigate stuff with her little nose, hide under my bed, and try to eat my houseplants. Bianca does not like to be off the ground.  Once, I tried to pick her up, and I looked like I had been mauled by […]