elementary fieldwork.


I was completely terrified by the thought of my fieldwork in an elementary school library.  Still am, in fact.  I have absolute respect and admiration for those brave souls who can wrangle twenty youngsters and still manage to teach them something. Luckily, I’ve been able to ease into my elementary experience at a rate that’s comfortable for me.

My site supervisor is a fellow alum of my undergrad at Fisher, and she went through the very same program that I’m going through at SU.  She even cherishes the same great memories of working at Lavery Library over summer break.  She’s currently the School Media Specialist at a small suburban elementary school.  There are about 300 students, in grades 3-5.  Admittedly, a pretty adorable demographic.

My host librarian is very cool, and she asked me to update the library display case.  Since impending Halloween festivities are already on everyone’s mind, I took a different route.  I exercised my extremely nerdy tendencies and made a display of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are, to highlight the movie (which I have not yet seen… and I don’t want to talk about it).

So I made some silhouettes of the characters…


…which looked much more impressive in my mind.  And even on my table.


I had much higher expectations for the display, but fulfilling them would have eaten up my fifty hours of fieldwork, and there’s just more to be done than that.  My librarian had to talk me down out of the case, because I would have gladly spent fifty hours on that thing.

Even though it’s not everything I always dreamed it would be, I’m still pretty stoked with the final product…

rumpus display full

…especially considering my poor photography skills.

rumpus display left

So, until I can get around to visiting a movie theater, I will have to settle for gazing fondly at my display.

rumpus display right

Hardly a rumpus, but the students are wild enough, right?


One Response to “elementary fieldwork.”

  1. 1 sciencemanifests

    I really like your silhouettes! You should decorate your apartment with them after the library doesn’t want them anymore… or let me decorate my own apartment with them.

    Or you should just decorate my apartment. That sounds cool.

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