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For the tl;dr crowd (read: everyone):  I have two weeks of rad school classes left, ever.  What follows are my lengthy ruminations of reaching this point, otherwise known as my last ditch effort to procrastinate while I still can.  I’ll be back in roughly a fortnight. Toward the end of October, I opened up my […]



Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present you with irrefutable substantiation that I did, in fact, complete my fieldwork.  Furthermore, I aim to evince my progress as- ahem- a real librarian. Exhibit A: You might recall that, for my secondary fieldwork, I created a whole bunch of READ posters to be displayed around the […]

In case the graphic didn’t give it away, today marks the beginning of National Distance Learning Week!  If you’ve already read Rebecca’s really awesome official SU post on the same subject, you can probably stop here.  If you’re reading because you’re entertained by my follies, then… hi, mom. As a distance learning student and someone posing […]

My elementary fieldwork endeavor ended a little over a week ago, which has given me some time to internalize my experience, synthesize everything I’ve learned, and metaphysically analyze how my time in that particular school media center fits into the existential development of my professional chakra. Or maybe I slept in, ate many meals with […]



Like everyone else in America, I saw a lot of costumes this weekend.  I don’t like to go all out with Halloween, but I dig seeing how creative and resourceful some people get.  One friend dressed as a character from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, complete with a bunch of birds that she sewed all on her […]