Like everyone else in America, I saw a lot of costumes this weekend.  I don’t like to go all out with Halloween, but I dig seeing how creative and resourceful some people get.  One friend dressed as a character from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, complete with a bunch of birds that she sewed all on her own.  Then there was the co-worker who made a very impressive Dwight Schrute (I think it was the short-sleeved button-down shirt that really knocked it out of the park).  Two customers came in on Saturday night dressed as Quailman and Patty Mayonnaise.

The best costume, though, was a chance encounter at a party I almost didn’t go to.

I don’t know the guy who thought up this insanely cool idea, but my favorite costume of 2009 was Bob Ross:

bob ross

(sorry about the picture.  it was dark.  and all i had was my phone.)

When I told him how fantastically awesome his getup was, he was ecstatic- apparently I was the first to identify his greatness all evening.  We had a nice chat about happy little trees, and he said, “Sweet… my costume is officially a success!”  And it was.


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