Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present you with irrefutable substantiation that I did, in fact, complete my fieldwork.  Furthermore, I aim to evince my progress as- ahem- a real librarian.

Exhibit A: You might recall that, for my secondary fieldwork, I created a whole bunch of READ posters to be displayed around the high school.  I was a little worried that the posters would be a well-intentioned project that eventually fell by the wayside, but I recently discovered that this was not to be the case.  My READ posters have been printed!  Here is the proof:


(special thanks to Mr. Chodak for the picture)

Exhibit B: During my elementary fieldwork, I started to feel more like a real school media specialist.  Throughout my high school fieldwork experience, I tried to observe as much as possible because I wasn’t quite confident enough to start shushing people, doling out writing utensils, and other things that define librarianship.

(That part about shushing and doling out writing utensils was a joke.)

With my elementary fieldwork, though, I was ready to get my hands dirty.  I was ready to give the “teaching” thing a shot.  And I finally summoned the courage to give it a shot during the last class on my last day.  I wrote about that over here, but now I have actual verification that this took place:

Karen 013

(special thanks to Ms. B for the picture)

I should probably explain my attire, because I don’t normally dress like that for fieldwork.  That day, the teachers and students were invited to boast their favorite sports team through their clothing.  Since I missed Red Ribbon Week, I decided I didn’t want to be the only oddball who wasn’t properly adorned.  So I dug out the only sports-related shirt I have: a vintage (read: old) Bolivar Bulldogs t-shirt.  The Chuck Taylors were the obvious choice in footwear that day.

But look!  All the students are paying attention!  They might just be looking in my general direction, but I’ll take it.

In one of my classes, we’re talking about extrinsic rewards.  I made the argument that everyone does everything they do because of the reward(s) involved, whether it’s survival, pleasure, or a piece of candy.  Well, friends, if I may get cheesy for a moment, these images are my reward.  These pictures serve as validation that I’ve accomplished some things and made progress.  I used to think about what I would be like when I became a librarian, and now I’m starting to see me become that person.  It’s a really strange feeling, but it’s also pretty cool.



2 Responses to “evidence.”

  1. 1 Ana

    love it!

  2. You would have made Bob Cawley PROUD with your Bolivar BULLDOGS sweatshirt!

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