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This morning, I encountered an article, Give Me a Reason to go to the Library, that portrayed high school libraries in an unfavorable manner.  The worst part?  The author of that article was a high school senior in Texas at the time.  A couple of years ago, Andrea wrote, “A library is a place where […]

on the road!


Welcome, friends, to the first ever remote edition of karen the librarian!  This event would not have been possible without the pestering support of my cousin, Andy: The handsome bachelor you see here is part of a good crew of family that lives around Charlotte, North Carolina, that is currently and graciously allowing me to […]

Yes, friends, it’s been almost a week and I’m still riding the coattails of the high-on-life feeling that my secondary practicum gave me.  I could fill the month until my elementary placement with lengthy ruminations and fantastical daydreams that allow me to relive my time there, and I’m simply dragging out the blogging part of […]

Even though I can hardly summon the comprehension to begin to accept this fact, today was the last day of my high school practicum.  My initial plan was to post frequent updates of my triumphant return to the little town I grew up in, but it turns out that I’ve been having way too much […]