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One notorious rumor about librarians is that we love books.  Common people think that we all eat, drink, and breathe the written word, reveling in the feel of ink on paper and the comforting, musty earthy aroma that lingers in between the pages. Did I say notorious rumor?  Because what I meant was ubiquitous fact. […]



Just about two weeks ago, I started my elementary practicum, the final big requirement for my graduate program.  Closing in on my MLS goal of hitting every possible library media center demographic, this site is a small urban public elementary school.  My very esteemed supervisor is absolutely great to work with, and the school is […]

One of many cool things about my high school practicum was discovering the diversity in opportunities to collaborate.  Rather than working primarily with English and history students, I helped provide information literacy skills to classes in music, biology, and earth science.  I was particularly astonished when one teacher approached me about giving her students a […]

… is a map, of course. I’ve heard it works better with a treasure map, but turn-by-turn GPS is probably also pretty effective. Lame jokes aside, my practicum taught me just how true that introductory hook is.  In my last week at the school, our big activity was a library scavenger hunt.  Every seventh- and eighth- […]

It feels as though it’s been nearly forever since my high school practicum ended, and I’ve spent many sleepless nights weighed down by the obligation of posting the work that I did.  Not only will I finally have a solid record of my practicum, but I’ll be able to show some of my wonderful friends […]