Just about two weeks ago, I started my elementary practicum, the final big requirement for my graduate program.  Closing in on my MLS goal of hitting every possible library media center demographic, this site is a small urban public elementary school.  My very esteemed supervisor is absolutely great to work with, and the school is very unique from any experience I’ve had.  So far, this school has introduced me to loads of cool concepts and instructional approaches, and has really inspired my creativity when it comes to ideas for my future library.  And it’s within walking distance, which, to me, makes it the complete package.

Throughout my first week, I was just the slightest bit distracted from my library experience because of the plans I’d made for the weekend.  Plans that were three months in the making.  Plans that became my graduation present to myself.  Plans that took me into uncharted territory in foreign lands.  These plans… they were big.

That weekend, my little sister and I went to Toronto to see the band that got me through my formative years, Our Lady Peace, play my favorite album of theirs in entirety (Spiritual Machines, in case you were wondering), as well as a complete second set of other songs.  I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve seen this band numerous times in the past.  This show, however, might just have been my favorite.

For starters, we had the best possible seats in the joint.  Well worth the astronomical price, my little sister and I spent the second set leaning against the stage.  We were darn close:

In addition to the rock star seats, the tickets also included a meet and greet after the show.  When it was our turn, we talked with the band about breakfast before creating evidence of awesome:

I was also privy to a meet and greet the first time I saw Our Lady Peace live, which was about eight years ago.  All these years later, I still blush when I think about how seventeen-year-old me intensely geeked out when Raine Maida shook my hand.  But this time, I kept my cool, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t creep anyone out.

If you’re into this sort of thing, feel free to peruse more photos from the show at my flickr page.

In case that wasn’t enough excitement for me, my sister called me while I was getting ready for school in the wee hours of Monday morning.  Since I’m her only family in Rochester, I promised her forever ago that, when the time came, I would drop everything I was doing to be by her side when it was time for her to introduce her first child into the world.

I did add the obvious stipulation that this offer did not extend to the date of the Our Lady Peace show.

Luckily, the little guy held off just enough, and he arrived on Monday night.  It was a long, exhausting day, but seeing that tiny dude was something I’ll never forget.

Please don’t tell my sister that I was complaining about being exhausted on the day that she gave birth.  Thanks.

Anyway, here’s the young fellow:

Everyone is really healthy and happy, and this week has been a particularly strong reminder of how seriously rad life is.  It’s hard to believe how far my life has progressed during these two years at the iSchool, but my practicum experience is making me antsy to take the big leap into my own library.  Once that happens, I might be ready to start thinking about babies.  Or rock superstardom.


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