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April is National Poetry Month!  I considered posting at the beginning of the month, but I figured that, if you’re reading a blog like mine, you’d probably heard about it from millions of other sources. Now that we’re three weeks in, let me remind you: April is National Poetry Month! The best part about this […]

POA update!


If you can remember all the way back to last week, then you’ll recall my post about the then-endangered Physics-Optics-Astronomy Library at the University of Rochester.  When I wrote that post, I had no idea how huge the issue really was, and what kind of audience my words would reach.  It didn’t take long for […]

Yikes.  This morning, I was daydreaming through my morning coffee when I remembered a thought that I had all the way back in November.  As I was registering for my last semester of graduate classes, I boastfully pumped myself up for the Spring, which would only include my practica and graduation requrements.  You’ve made it, […]

This morning I made a casual announcement on my Facebook page reminding my friends that it’s National Library Week.  Of course, this means that you should be sure to visit your local public, academic, school, or special library to check out all the great things it has to offer.  You might even discover why I […]

In the great aught ten, I’ve executed my lesson on plagiarism to students in two schools, reaching an audience that shakes out to be a couple hundred teenagers. And that shakes out to be several hundred teenaged eyes rolling at my cheesy jokes.  Am I on the way up, or what? But that’s not what […]