graduation season.


Yikes.  This morning, I was daydreaming through my morning coffee when I remembered a thought that I had all the way back in November.  As I was registering for my last semester of graduate classes, I boastfully pumped myself up for the Spring, which would only include my practica and graduation requrements.  You’ve made it, Karen, I thought to myself.  Smooth sailing from here on out.

As that memory played in my head with the fuzzy quality of a reel-to-reel, complete with sound effects, I marveled at what naivety I experienced just a few short months ago.  That’s because things around casa de k.t.l. have become an insane rush to the finish line.  Between lesson planning, resume building, studying, exam taking, job searching, kickball leaguing, portfolio developing, et al., I’ve been maintaining a teux-deux list ten miles long.

Speaking of portfolio developing: this is going to be hosted on my website, and somehow integrated with my blog.  I’m not as familiar as web design as I thought, so this is proving to be quite a challenge.  I love this part, though, so I’m reveling in the learning experience.  The point here is that there will be a new up and running sometime in the next couple of weeks, complete with my professional portfolio.  Electric!

I also have some massive life stuff coming up ahead, and it’s going to be huge.  I mean, we’re talking Billy Fuccillo huge here.  However, I’m not quite ready to share it with the world, so you’re going to have to wait.  If you already know what it is, please don’t ruin the surprise.  This means you, cousin Andy.

With graduation just weeks away, life has become an exploding fireball of stuff, work, friends, and good weather.  My goal at the moment is to get it all done well, enjoy the process, and remain fabulous while doing so.

As I’m working on all of that, please take a moment to check out the poster by Carol Harvey that came down the listserv this morning, from Sarah Chauncey, via Dr. Ruth Small:

What is a Library Media Specialist?

Happy Graduation Season, everyone!


One Response to “graduation season.”

  1. 1 Rebecca B

    Thanks for the Carl Harvey document! That is fantastic! Congratulations on wrapping up your degree Karen, and all the best wishes for everything your future holds!

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