big life!


This is the post I’ve been putting off for quite some time now.  It’s not a lesson plan with goals and outcomes, or a PDF of a handout I made, or photographic evidence of my librarianness, so I just don’t know where to begin.  It’s real life stuff, and maybe even some emotion, and most definitely sentiment and nostalgia.  Admittedly not my strongest combination of stuff to blog about.

For that reason, I’ll start with the obvious: I made it through grad school!  I received my public librarian certification in the mail a couple of weeks ago, which means that I am officially karen the librarian!  I even have the portfolio to show for it at my very own domain (it’s in a constant state of maintenance, since I can’t seem to settle on anything, so thanks in advance for your patience).  Saturday is convocation for the iSchool, where I’ll have one last opportunity to bond, reminisce, and celebrate with my digital classmates.  I never imagined how much I would take out of this program.  Thanks to Syracuse University, my great professors, my rad classmates, and my amazing mentors, I feel absolutely prepared to be a real librarian… and I’m insanely stoked about it, too.

Considering the great transitory state of my life right now, I reckon my saga wouldn’t be complete without a shocking plot twist.  Many people already know this, but in just a few short weeks, I’ll be relocating to Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  I never dreamed I’d have a reason to move so far away from my friends and family, but then I met a pretty rad dude.  Now I have solid justification to give this a shot, and I’m very happy about it.

I promise not to write about the sweltering southern summer heat.

And yes, I am looking for a librarian gig in that area, so feel free to pass along a job offer or two.

At some point, not too long ago, I had a pretty huge realization.  It occurred to me that, with graduate school ending, I’m finally arriving at the place that I’ve worked so long to reach.  Twenty years of schooling (!!) and twenty-five years of living, all for this new journey that’s starting to unroll before me.  It feels big and awesome, and every moment of these days is approached with awareness and excitement.  I’m incredibly grateful to be where I’ve been and where I am, and optimistic about where I’m headed.  Every day I realize all over again how blessed I’ve been to have such fabulous people in my life, and I’m so appreciative of all the kickball games, visiting friends, bathroom haircuts, lunches at my favorite restaurants, track meets, golf cart excursions, long talks about life, music listening, pickled garlic eating, poetry readings, and all of the other things that make me feel at home and loved.  I’ll miss all of this terribly, but I know that there are big things in store for me, and I’m beyond excited to open myself up to new challenges and experiences.

I don’t know what I ever did to deserve such an amazing life, but I’m ridiculously thankful for every second of it.  It’s a big life, and I’m happy to be living it.


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