who i am

This is me:

I come from a big family in a small town in New York State’s Allegany County, and I wouldn’t change any of it for all of the anything you could give me. When I was eighteen, I decided that I’d outgrown the confines of provincial life, so I embarked on my post-secondary journey at Saint John Fisher College, a small private school in the shining metropolis of Rochester, New York. I spent some time in the journalism and education programs, but eventually decided on English writing. I am confident that it was the best decision I’ve made thus far in my life. I accidentally stumbled upon librarianship while fulfilling my work study requirements for two years at Fisher. After graduation in 2007, I took a year off and started working in a coffee shop. It’s a lot of fun for now, but it’s showed me just how much I belong in a library. These days, I’m a student of Syracuse University’s MS in Library and Information Science program, with a School Media Specialization.

As far as hobbies are concerned, I like to consider myself a member of the “jack of all trades, master of none” club. I love reading, writing, learning stuff, sewing, singing and playing guitar, making people laugh, card games and board games, listening to music, helping others to the best of my abilities, spending time with my family and friends (although, who doesn’t?), finding places on earth unsaturated by man-made noise, taking pictures, honing my incredibly weak horticultural skills, not watching television, and making the perfect dry cappuccino.

For more details about me, check out my introductory post.

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2 Responses to “who i am”

  1. 1 mary

    Let’s hear some more about sending ree at pioneer woman some coffee…

  2. More blog updates pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

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