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big life!


This is the post I’ve been putting off for quite some time now.  It’s not a lesson plan with goals and outcomes, or a PDF of a handout I made, or photographic evidence of my librarianness, so I just don’t know where to begin.  It’s real life stuff, and maybe even some emotion, and most […]

April is National Poetry Month!  I considered posting at the beginning of the month, but I figured that, if you’re reading a blog like mine, you’d probably heard about it from millions of other sources. Now that we’re three weeks in, let me remind you: April is National Poetry Month! The best part about this […]

Yikes.  This morning, I was daydreaming through my morning coffee when I remembered a thought that I had all the way back in November.  As I was registering for my last semester of graduate classes, I boastfully pumped myself up for the Spring, which would only include my practica and graduation requrements.  You’ve made it, […]

One notorious rumor about librarians is that we love books.  Common people think that we all eat, drink, and breathe the written word, reveling in the feel of ink on paper and the comforting, musty earthy aroma that lingers in between the pages. Did I say notorious rumor?  Because what I meant was ubiquitous fact. […]



Just about two weeks ago, I started my elementary practicum, the final big requirement for my graduate program.  Closing in on my MLS goal of hitting every possible library media center demographic, this site is a small urban public elementary school.  My very esteemed supervisor is absolutely great to work with, and the school is […]

on the road!


Welcome, friends, to the first ever remote edition of karen the librarian!  This event would not have been possible without the pestering support of my cousin, Andy: The handsome bachelor you see here is part of a good crew of family that lives around Charlotte, North Carolina, that is currently and graciously allowing me to […]

Yes, friends, it’s been almost a week and I’m still riding the coattails of the high-on-life feeling that my secondary practicum gave me.  I could fill the month until my elementary placement with lengthy ruminations and fantastical daydreams that allow me to relive my time there, and I’m simply dragging out the blogging part of […]