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In the great aught ten, I’ve executed my lesson on plagiarism to students in two schools, reaching an audience that shakes out to be a couple hundred teenagers. And that shakes out to be several hundred teenaged eyes rolling at my cheesy jokes.  Am I on the way up, or what? But that’s not what […]



Just about two weeks ago, I started my elementary practicum, the final big requirement for my graduate program.  Closing in on my MLS goal of hitting every possible library media center demographic, this site is a small urban public elementary school.  My very esteemed supervisor is absolutely great to work with, and the school is […]

Yes, friends, it’s been almost a week and I’m still riding the coattails of the high-on-life feeling that my secondary practicum gave me.  I could fill the month until my elementary placement with lengthy ruminations and fantastical daydreams that allow me to relive my time there, and I’m simply dragging out the blogging part of […]



Three years ago, I was on a trip to New York City with some friends from college when I fell in love with someone named George: I am actually wearing that very same hat right now. These days, George resides in the luxurious space in my closet that’s behind everything else in my closet.  So […]



Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present you with irrefutable substantiation that I did, in fact, complete my fieldwork.  Furthermore, I aim to evince my progress as- ahem- a real librarian. Exhibit A: You might recall that, for my secondary fieldwork, I created a whole bunch of READ posters to be displayed around the […]



Like everyone else in America, I saw a lot of costumes this weekend.  I don’t like to go all out with Halloween, but I dig seeing how creative and resourceful some people get.  One friend dressed as a character from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, complete with a bunch of birds that she sewed all on her […]

I was completely terrified by the thought of my fieldwork in an elementary school library.  Still am, in fact.  I have absolute respect and admiration for those brave souls who can wrangle twenty youngsters and still manage to teach them something. Luckily, I’ve been able to ease into my elementary experience at a rate that’s […]