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The coolest thing happened to me during my weekend residency at Syracuse.  I was in my seat, waiting for one of our breaks to end, definitely not checking Facebook, when one of my classmates walked up to me.  She asked me a question that will remain forever in my memory: Are you karen the librarian? […]

Today I’m heading off to Syracuse for a weekend residency for one of my classes.  The class, Integrating Motivation in Information Literacy, seems to have the most education-oriented curriculum of the program to date.  That is, it looks like I’ll be writing a lot of lesson plans this semester.  This area is not my forte, […]

boot camp


I’ve been thinking for quite some time that this place is due in for an update. Once I started thinking this thought, it dawned on me that I’m in quite a conundrum with this blog: whenever I have lots of exciting library school news, I’m too busy getting all of my work done to update. […]