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Yikes.  This morning, I was daydreaming through my morning coffee when I remembered a thought that I had all the way back in November.  As I was registering for my last semester of graduate classes, I boastfully pumped myself up for the Spring, which would only include my practica and graduation requrements.  You’ve made it, […]

In the great aught ten, I’ve executed my lesson on plagiarism to students in two schools, reaching an audience that shakes out to be a couple hundred teenagers. And that shakes out to be several hundred teenaged eyes rolling at my cheesy jokes.  Am I on the way up, or what? But that’s not what […]

One of many cool things about my high school practicum was discovering the diversity in opportunities to collaborate.  Rather than working primarily with English and history students, I helped provide information literacy skills to classes in music, biology, and earth science.  I was particularly astonished when one teacher approached me about giving her students a […]