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It feels as though it’s been nearly forever since my high school practicum ended, and I’ve spent many sleepless nights weighed down by the obligation of posting the work that I did.  Not only will I finally have a solid record of my practicum, but I’ll be able to show some of my wonderful friends […]

For the past few years, my siblings and I have opted to draw names for Christmas gifts. I’m not sure why it took us so long to come around to this practice, since apparently it’s pretty common. Besides, picking out one awesome present for one of my siblings is much more fun than hunting for […]

Last night, I was picking on my cousin Mike over Twitter.  I was picking on him because he was micro-musing about the outcome of The Bachelor, or some such reality dating show.  In response, this is what he said: Luckily, Mike lives about 750 miles away, because he should know better than to: threaten me. […]

If you’ve read just about any other post I’ve ever written, with a few exceptions here and there, you’ll know that one of my Spring classes involved instructional technology.  We’ve worked with a variety of Web 2.0 tools, and discovered how to bring tweets, diggs, nings, blogs, pokes, wikis, skypes, voicethreads, avatars, and a whole […]

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When my partner and I were choosing Web 2.0 applications for our class assignment, “Creating a Class Web 2.0 Wiki,” my primary selection criterion was that I had very little experience with the application that we would be utilizing.  Before IST 611, I had never heard of the Zoho Office Suite, nor had I ever […]

Today marks a very important milestone in my life.  It was on this exact day, five years ago, that I started my first blog. Just a few months before MySpace entered my existence, and quite a while before this crazy thing called Facebook, I was on LiveJournal, sharing my thoughts with whoever wanted to read […]